Lauren / Blogger

I recently had a Life Clarity Intensive with Mariko and I’m amazed. The changes I have seen in my life since our session have been unbelievable. Before seeing Mariko, I was in a constant state of anxiety and had unexplained sadness. During our session, Mariko got to the bottom of all of my underlying issues and completely cured me of them. I instantly felt lighter, clearer, and happier. It’s been a few weeks since our session and the “high” hasn’t gone away. I feel totally back to my old self!

Mariko is one of a kind and has changed my life for the better.

Laura / CEO

Mariko has been instrumental in helping me to overcome so many deep-seated issues. I am not sure how she does it, but she has an incredible gift of healing. She helped me to release so much pain from the past that was significantly affecting every area of my life. I cannot express how much I trust and appreciate Mariko. I never thought I would be able to move past many of my issues, I had a belief that I was broken.

I am no longer broken thanks to the work Mariko did with me. I use the tools she taught me every day,

I will be forever thankful for all that she helped me overcome and for the tools she taught me to continue to heal and to move forward.

James / Therapist - Athlete

I have worked with Mariko for many years now, she is an innate healer. Most recently, Mariko was instrumental in helping me to not only cope with but grow and expand from a difficult and serious surgery. She helped me to see the deeper meaning and purpose of my surgery.

Mariko is a truly talented healer and has amazing gifts. She understands me better than I understand myself and with this insight comes the opportunity for deep healing and growth.

Mariko has helped me to process and grow from many challenging life events. I highly recommend her services. I really appreciate her help and wisdom, it made such a difference for me personally, psychologically and emotionally. My biggest break through has been self-acceptance and self-love.

Kelly / Marketing Consultant

My journey with Life Clarity began in October of 2017 when I first went to see Mariko for one of her intensive sessions. I lost my brother 4.5 years prior  – my very best friend – and I felt as though I was on a good healing path. After 7 hours with Mariko – I transformed the healing process x1,000! I couldn’t believe what she helped me uncover – things I didn’t even realize were bothering me, but once it bubbled up we got to the root of things and really worked through healing. Flash forward to the very first Life Clarity Retreat in August of 2018 and my spiritual growth and trajectory have been immeasurable. I’ve discovered my life’s purpose and she’s given me the tools to live it.

The retreat was a true healing space. There were 14 magical souls that came together with Divine intervention and we all had our own path to healing throughout the weekend, but also healed collectively. I’ve never felt so safe to fully surrender and open my heart as wide as I did with complete strangers. Mariko created a space for us to do so and guided us the whole weekend through the process. She’s truly magical and I honestly can’t put into words what she’s done for my life.

This Life Clarity Retreat created a community of conscious souls that can come together to work on our journeys toward enlightenment. The guided meditations were such a clearing space. I’ve been to a few of Mariko’s guided meditations and I learn something new every time. They appeal to someone just starting their practice, or someone who has been practicing for years.

The Cedar Circle where we focused on manifesting the next steps in our lives was very eye opening. It’s powerful when that many like-minded souls come together and create that energy. True magic really does transpire.

I have to say my absolute favorite part of the weekend was the sharing circle on Sunday. After a weekend of opening our hearts, healing, and working through deep rooted issues, we all shared our experiences of the weekend. It was absolutely amazing to see everyone truly open their hearts to the group and share what was happening internally. Everyone felt safe enough to do so and we all came out better than we went in because of it.

THE FOOD! Oh my goodness, the food! Chef Adrienne was nothing short of perfection. I’m Gluten intolerant and vegan (one of only two with this type of diet) and she catered to me specifically. Every single meal – including snacks – were unbelievably fresh and healthy. I felt so light and pure the entire weekend because of it. I honestly feel like I lost 5-7 pounds over the weekend due to eating so well.

I cannot begin to express my love and gratitude for Mariko and everyone that participated this weekend. This weekend cannot be summed up. To say it was transformative is an understatement. I’m a better version of myself than I was last week and my life is forever changed. From the bottom of my huge open heart, thank you!!

Lisa / Book Coach

I always had trouble meditating until I met Mariko. She helped me find a meditation practice that came from a place of ease and a higher consciousness. Since working with Mariko, my work is so much easier. I feel a sense of lightness and experience vitality.

One of Mariko's gifts is that she sees each person as already perfect and enlightened. She helps you tap into the soul that you already are with a beautiful ease and grace.

Reading Mariko's writing and using the exercises she offers, one can feel her presence and divine healing come through. She helps you tap into your own divine presence with ease.

Lindsey / Business Owner

When I first met Mariko I instantly I knew I was in the presence of some kind of elevated spiritual being. I wanted to know a LOT more about her. 

As she started to tell me her story... I was enthralled: consciousness between lifetimes, years of training and practice in Chinese medicine, and a near death experience.

I think these intensives are probably different for everybody. My first session was 4 hours so obviously we covered a LOT of ground. It's nice because Mariko says she can get done in the intensives what would have taken months or a year in her Chinese medicine practice with bi-weekly regular visits. She has so much experience and is in touch with so many unseen energies that she can spiritually heal and teach effectively and quickly. 

I know it might sound a little crazy to say that I saw her and now I'm healed... but I saw her and now I am healed. I thought I was going to be dealing with my trauma and grief symptoms for another 2-3 years. But I can honestly say, with the knowledge, tools and homework I was given... I am healed. There is obviously much complexity to the situation and maybe not everyone will feel it like I did.

Some of the spiritual concepts I had heard before. But something switched in me after the life clarity coaching with Mariko. There was clarity and ways to apply concepts to my life every moment of every day. I am healed. I am ready to do my soul's work and not my ego's work. I am ready to find my soul-mate and not my ego-mate. I fill every space in my body with gratitude. I don't have to wait to do anything. I think and act in the now. If something calls to me, I don't let my ego get in the way and tell me I need to wait, put things off, procrastinate, because I am in touch with something that feels so good and true to follow that I can't deny it.

After the life clarity intensive I thought I would be dead tired. When in fact I had never felt more energized. It was nice to have somebody hold my hand through the truths of my life and sort out certain things and unhelpful ways of thinking.

If you are looking for any kind of life clarity or truth seeking in your life, I highly, highly recommend life clarity coaching with Mariko.



Going into my session with Mariko, I had no idea what I was looking for or needed. I had a happy, fruitful life so didn’t have any issues I wanted to address or problems I wanted to solve. I heard amazing things from my friend’s experience and thought it was worth trying, and man am I glad I did!

Our session started off very casual. Again, not knowing what I came for it was all in Mariko’s hands to tell me what I needed to hear. She began by reading my energy and picking up on things regarding my health. She casually mentioned that I should eat a salad but put it outside in the sun so it could soak up more energy before eating. I found it fascinating that putting greens in the sun prior to eating could make them better for you, but I wanted to know why she suggested this. She told me she was picking up a lot of dead energy from me that usually comes from eating too much meat. Well, unbenounced to her, I was on a keto diet at the time and basically was eating nothing but meat!

I mentioned to her that I was considering taking a job that I was referred to by an old boss but wasn’t sure if I was ready to join corporate America again. I had just left a very stressful position and quite frankly was enjoying the time off. I will say, the position at hand did have some great perks and deep down I knew it was an amazing opportunity. Mariko convinced me of this as well.

Our conversations continued, and we started discussing my life and where I wanted to be. I told her I’ve always wanted to live on a farm and thought about moving back home near my family in Connecticut to maybe start a family but wasn’t too sure if that’s what I wanted to do. San Diego is a hard place to leave after all! She closed her eyes, pondered my statement for a moment, opened her eyes, looked at me and as if it were written in history told me I must move back home and raise a family near my sister and if I didn’t, I would regret it.

We then discussed my relationship with my boyfriend and when we would be getting married. We aren’t engaged, but I mentioned that marriage isn’t too important to me and I’d be willing to elope if it meant I didn’t have to plan a huge wedding. We went back and forth about weddings and she felt very confident that I needed to have a memorable wedding.

Our session lasted about 6 hours and honestly, I could have stayed and talked to her for 6 more!

Fast forward 3 months from our session, I’m working at the company I was interviewing for an couldn’t be happier, I’m closing in 2 months on my dream home in Connecticut and am in the beginning phases of planning my homestead farm. I’m still not engaged or planning a wedding, but I’m sure when it happens it will end up being a memorable one that I’ll be grateful to have.

As I mentioned, I didn’t know what I wanted going into my session with Mariko, but what I came out with was the kick in the butt I needed to move forward with my life the way I was supposed to live it. The process is called “Life Clarity” for a reason, because that’s exactly what you get. I recommend anyone to book a session with Mariko even if you think you have your life all figured out. You never know what you can learn about yourself that can help make your path a lot easier to walk.



An enlightened journey to find myself. Words can’t say enough about how grateful I am for this extraordinary retreat weekend. I learned a lot of new meditation techniques as well as many things about myself. The atmosphere was second to none, tucked away on a quiet mountaintop above the clouds. The food nourished both body and soul. Thank you, I can not wait till next time.


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