my Experience

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I'm just an ordinary woman who's chosen to make extraordinary decisions and take action on them.

I've transformed my life by living according to the 4 lessons I was given during my near death experience and it's the inspiration behind my mission to help others do the same. I've created a blueprint for personal and spiritual success drawn directly from my life, death and the 10 years of illness I experienced.

Today I serve as a speaker, personal development coach and retreat leader. I'm a professional aromatherapist and board certified with the national commission for acupuncture and oriental medicine. For 20 years, I've worked with people from all walks of life who’ve succeeded at work but feel there’s something missing from their personal life, spiritual life or creative life and are ready to discover and follow what they were born to do.

Through private coaching and retreats, we’ll have the opportunity to go deep so that we address everything getting in the way of living your purpose—no stone will be left unturned. We’ll take a detailed look—from the emotional, mental and spiritual sides all the way down to that cup of coffee you called breakfast.