The strategies in my FREE ONLINE COURSE—Peace of Mind for the Busy Mind—are what I used to get back on track after losing my career, health and the life I’d built.

Have you ever wished you could heal yourself but just didn’t know how? As a result of this course you’ll learn to create your own medicinal aromatherapy products including salves, gels and massage oils. From stress to chronic illness, click for the course curriculum.

My interview about losing it all to gaining more than I could imagine.

Private Coaching

Hello, I’m Mariko

I'm just an ordinary woman who's chosen to make extraordinary decisions and take action on them.

I've transformed my life by living according to the 4 lessons I was given during my near death experience and it's the inspiration behind my mission to help others do the same. I've created a blueprint for personal and spiritual success drawn directly from my life, death and the 10 years of illness I experienced. I’m looking for superstars who know deep inside they’re meant for more and are ready to do the work the world needs them to do.

Who do you know that’s ready?